Life isn’t always so straight forward and simple, and without Clarity it can be so much harder.

For years, I spent my time living my life for others, and honestly didn’t realise there was another option. I loved pleasing people, so I would happily do what they would want, when they would want, but what I didn’t realise is the damage and heart-ache I was causing myself in the meantime. Does this sound a little familiar to you?

Having a crystal clear vision, is paramount, without a vision, how can we possibly live each day with purpose and true intention? We can’t, we’ll be ‘happily’ just bumbling along, until that wall-crashing moment arrives, when you realise that you’re actually not happy with your life at all, and you’re simply not doing what it is that you came here for and what you are truly inspired to do.

I created my 7-steps to CLARITY coaching programme for exactly this reason. I reached 45 when I realised I wasn’t in the driving seat of my life, I was doing everything else that everyone else would want, need and expect of me, but sadly, very little of that was right for me, and I am determined now to help every beautiful Lady out there I can, to create and live their best life without wasting another single day. I’ve made it my job to help Ladies find the CLARITY, COURAGE AND CONFIDENCE it will take, and it’s the most rewarding and satisfying pleasure to see them blossom out the other side.

I always used to think people who put themselves first were selfish, doing what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it, but I realise now, how important that actually is, and now totally make that a priority of mine.

Having CLARITY enables you to literally create your days, weeks, months, years exactly as you want them, you can effectively design your life. Just imagine how beautiful that could be…!!

Having CLARITY has allowed me the privilege to leave my 9-5, start living life with intention, take up dance again, something I have wanted to do for so many years, even write a book, but most of all it has completely changed my working life – I now have two beautiful, successful businesses, I work from home which gives me the time with my family that I was so desperately craving, it also gives me some well-needed time for ME, and most of all, I have FREEDOM, freedom of time as well as financial freedom, something I don’t think I have ever even felt in the past, let alone had the pleasure to love and enjoy.

I want to inspire you to find CLARITY in your life, because deep-deep down you know exactly what it is you want to do, have and be, and when you can remove all the external influences and solely listen to your heart and soul, you will find all your answers.

Finding CLARITY isn’t something that happens overnight, nor is it something that you can necessarily find on your own, but by taking this time and making this investment in yourself, I can promise you, you will be forever grateful to the YOU, that decided to go for it, the YOU that decided not to settle, the YOU, that acknowledged they loved themselves enough to CREATE AND LIVE THEIR VERY BEST LIFE.

Life actually doesn’t have to be so hard, I just wish I’d known that earlier. Don’t wait til your 45 like I did, to realise that you do have choices, and that you’re actually making them (good and bad) right now. Make a good decision today and CREATE and LIVE a life you love, you DESERVE it!

Sending you so much love, Johanne x