This is your one life. Dreams are only ever going to be dreams, until you take action. Are you living your happiest most abundant life? If you believe you are ‘massive congratulations’, but if you feel you’re not where you want to be, and there’s more out there for you, it’s time to take action, it’s time to do what you love and to live the life that you’re truly here to live. Dreams really can come true!

This is my story…

Life isn’t straight forward and easy for anyone, but isn’t that what makes our life experiences and journey so unique and exciting?

Being raised by a Single Mum, gave me so many qualities, it taught me resilience, strength, determination and independence, some great skills to start my life journey, but it equally on the other hand, had compromised other essential life skills. I had learned self-less love, ie how to give it, but I hadn’t learned how to receive it, I had learned obedience and how to be a ‘good girl’ but I hadn’t learned how to set and withhold clear boundaries, I had learned how to please and take care of others, but not how to take care of myself, I had learned ‘love’ but only ever a protected, safe and sheltered love, I hadn’t actually learned the reality of life and how to deal positively with the real challenges and negative things that can happen in our lives, and so when these things did hit, they really hit hard.

So after two marriages, two divorces, a number of failed relationships, a life time of pleasing others and not myself, sacrificing precious time and moments with my beautiful children for work, sacrificing well-needed time for me, with me being at the bottom of my priority list (if ever there at all), I finally, at the age of 45 decided ‘that’s enough’, it’s time to make a change. I had finally come to my senses to ask myself ‘Do I want to continue living a life for everybody else, or do I want to live MY life?’ after all isn’t that why we’re here?

I have worked my entire life in the hospitality industry, an industry I genuinely loved, being responsible for the Commercial side of the business, building great relationships, motivating and driving a strong team. Working for somebody else was always fun and enjoyable, I have always been privileged enough to secure every job I have ever wanted, but what I came to realise is, I was only ever taking the safe and secure option, the ‘old Jo’ option. The jobs were far from easy as I always had the tendency to commit and dedicate myself far more than I actually needed to, but what they gave me was security. I knew at the end of each month I’d always be paid and able therefore to pay the bills and provide a comfortable life for my two beautiful children. It was the safe option, the one that sat so comfortably within my comfort zone – the easy, comfortable place to be, but not the right place to be. I would wake go to work, work hard, come home, work some more, then go to bed and start all over again the next day, I definitely wasn’t living my happiest life, my early starts were lacking energy, drive and any sort of motivation, so I knew I wasn’t where I was meant to be.

For many years, I had only ever dreamt of having my own business, I had on many occasions considered the possibility of having my own business, time and time again, but never had the courage, nor the right circumstance or situation to actually take the leap of faith, there was always a reason why I couldn’t. I had tried to tender my notice several times but was easily persuaded to change my mind, and being the good girl I was, ambitious but always considerate to others, I backed down and carried on, and this literally was the story for a good ten years.

So whilst I have loved every single job I have done, and always had the most amazing employees, bosses, colleagues and team, I knew I was meant for more. My turning point, and I will be forever thankful to my Boss for this day, was when I had finally managed to negotiate a four-day week, so I could have one-day with my beautiful children, which I managed and enjoyed for 9 months, to then be asked by my employer for that day back, to which I just couldn’t compromise and agree – a day to me with my children was worth far more than a day to the business ever would, and so my radical decision was made, the next day I handed in my notice, left the Corporate world once and for all. It was that day that I made the best decision of my life, I had finally fully committed to taking the leap of faith and follow my dreams, and can honestly say I have never looked back.

I have two amazing children, a 17 year old Harrison and an 11 year old Jessica, and the one thing I have had constant guilt for, was the need to have to work to pay the bills. I dread to think what precious moments and time I have sacrificed, both for them and for me, due to the need to have to work and my unwavering desire to succeed. Being a single Mum for many of their early years (I’m so pleased to say, I believe I have my forever man now), meant I missed out on so much, so following my dreams and making a stand on the 12th September 2017, literally has changed my life.

When my Son Harrison was 8 (and my Daughter Jessica just 2), he innocently made a comment as to ‘why does she (Jessica) have to have that and that (a dummy and a comforter), why doesn’t she just have one?’ and that was where the creation of my amazing business ‘Dumforter’ all began, a little idea, turned a thought into action, and nine years later, I finally found the courage to turn my children’s innocent creation and invention, into reality and that’s how ‘Dumforter’ was born.

I have two major loves and inspirations in my life – Mums and Babies, two things that never cease to amaze me… and if there’s anything I want to achieve in this life-time, it’s to deliver my children’s dream by making a success of ‘Dumforter’, reward my Mum for all her love, hard-work and dedication she put in, in raising my Sister and I, and to Inspire Ladies all over the world to believe in themselves, follow their dreams and to take action to live the life that they want to live. You can be at home, have a successful business AND be with your children. I just wish I’d listened to my intuition all those years ago and taken action much sooner.

So, at the time of writing this, I am 9 months into my new life ie no more corporate treadmill, I am weeks away from launching my Children’s business Dumforter, and weeks away from launching my on-line platform ‘Inspiring Ladies’ which I have created to help ladies like me, believe in themselves, gain clarity around what they’d really like to do, and to follow their dreams to help them design, create and live a life they love.

This is your one life. Dreams are only ever going to be dreams, until you take action. It’s time to take action, it’s time to do what you love and to live the life that you’re truly here to live. Dreams really can come true!