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Tops Tips for Self-Care

Hey my lovely,

I love the fact that you have chosen to head to the ‘well-being suite’. To take care of yourself, is so important, yet so many of us forget to do it.

Straight after leaving the Corporate World, before I could even think about starting my business, I took some well-needed time-out.. I needed to find myself, I needed some time-out, I needed time with my family, I needed thinking time, as all were critically important to not only my personal health but the health of what was going to be my business.

I’ve shared with you below, a few hints and tips of some of the things that I did to ensure I was taking care of me. I would love to hear too, how you take care of you… please share below! X

Take some time out to enjoy a long relaxing bath, I try to make this a bit of a Sunday treat

Take time to read. I used to hate reading at school, and now absolutely love it, and there’s not a day that goes by where you won’t find me with a book in my hands… it’s good for relaxation and growth

Why not take some time out to paint or draw? I rediscovered my love for drawing, something I used to spend hours doing as a little girl

Create a Gratitude Journal, It’s a great way to start the day writing positive ‘thank you’s’ for all that you already have, and all that you desire

Spend time in nature. Every week, I try to take a ‘Discovery Day’, a day where I go somewhere new, to help me break away from the norm, and become a little more adventurous.. I absolutely loved these treasure moments…

Take time out to journal. It’s a beautiful thing to do.. you’re not judged, you have no agenda, just the pleasure to write your honest, true feelings and emotions, and it’s great to get them out and down on paper

Take time out to write.. you’ll be amazed at just what comes up, when you just sit and relax and let your thoughts flow…

Go somewhere new. Explore… go places, and do things you’ve always always wanted to

Enjoy nature at a time you love best. For me, I absolutely love a sun-rise

Take some time to clear the clutter from your life. You may not think you have things to throw away/clear out of your life, but believe me you do. Once you start this exercise, it becomes quite addictive. I still like to have a little declutter most days

Treat yourself to a really special day out – alone or with a bestie, talk, don’t talk, do whatever you feel at the time!

Spend time alone. There is sometimes nothing more pleasurable than time in your own thoughts… no noise, no influence, no chaos, just time alone with you, beautiful you

Meditate. Having never previously been one to be able to mediate.. my mind was too active, I actually came to love this exercise, and became attached to Oprah and Deepak’s Free 21 day mediation experiences – beautiful

Take time to learn to love and truly appreciate yourself.. you’re amazing and beautiful after all. Loving myself, taking care of myself was never on my radar, and if it was, it would not have felt comfortable, but at 46, I am happy to say, I am more than happy now to make ‘me’ a priority, after all that’s what most other sensible people out there are doing!

There really are so many simple ways to take care of yourself, without actually spending a penny,

so find the time and not the excuses… It’s time to take care of you! x

How do you take care of you?

My favourite self-care tip is…


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