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My Inspiring Services

Hey my lovely,

Welcome to my beautiful ‘home’, now your home for inspiration.

For many years, I have dreamed of creating a platform where I can inspire Ladies to take action, to follow their hearts, and start to create, and live, a life they love, and so to have you here now, is literally a dream come true.

As am ambitious Single Mum (as I was then), of two beautiful Children, I sadly sacrificed a huge amount of time away from the Children for my work, and that’s exactly why in December 2017, I finally found the courage to leave the Corporate world, and start working to create a life that I love.

I now have two amazing businesses, one of which is in fact a baby product that was innocently invented through the eyes of my incredible children, and now my beautiful dream here.

My sole purpose of Inspire Ladies is to INSPIRE YOU, to encourage YOU to really think about what it is that you would like from your life, and what you’d like to do, achieve, be and have, so after just 7 simple steps, and 7 weeks of us working together, you ‘leave’ with a crystal clear vision of your next steps of your journey.

If there is anything you could do tomorrow, and there were absolutely no restrictions, what would that be? And why couldn’t you do / have that?

By clicking on the link below, you’ll be taken through to a page that will outline the SERVICES I have made available to you. I genuinely hope you’ll find the courage to join me. When you believe in yourself, and truly know what you want, you will literally be unstoppable!

Speak soon

Johanne x