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7 Steps to Clarity

In just 7 steps and 7 weeks, you could be on a whole new path, starting to create a life you love and a life you want to live. So here are your choices… OPTION 1: SELF STUDY PACKAGE Are you more somebody, who likes to just get on with things, works quite well on their own, doesn’t need an accountability partner, and would prefer not to have the weekly coaching and mentoring support? If so, this could be the option for you, you’ll receive all the worksheets immediately after payment, and you’ll be able to work through the programme at your own pace, and I will be hanging around in the Facebook community that I have created, in order to help encourage / guide you, should you get stuck along the way
OPTION 2: FULLY MENTORED COACHING PACKAGE Are you more somebody, and this is definitely me, you work well on your own, you do absolutely like to get on with things, but the hand-holding guidance, weekly coaching and mentoring, encourages you to be more accountable and driven to get the results you’re looking for, as it’s that gentle but constant  ‘push’ you need and desire, to keep you moving forward? If so, this is definitely the right programme choice for you. Again, the Facebook community for the little bits in between, will of course be there too.
Either way, I would be delighted to have you join the programme, having Clarity literally is a life-changer, it allows you to wake up, and live with true intention and purpose towards the goals, dreams and ambitions that you personally have created and set, you start to live YOUR LIFE, and there is nothing more motivating then that! I look forward to seeing you on the programme and in the group Sending you so much love Johanne x

“If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it”

The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is NOW!

7 steps, 7 weeks

In just 7 weeks of us working together, you’ll have a clear vision of where you are, what you want, what you’d like to achieve and what you’ll need to do next to kick-start your journey to living the life of your dreams.
Step 1 - Discover

Today is your day to LET GO of things that no longer serve you. The Discovery Session has been created to kick-off your journey with a total declutter and cleanse of all aspects of your life. Are you ready to be brutal?

Step 2 - Explore

What makes you different makes you BEAUTIFUL. The Explore session will help you identify and understand your unique qualities as seen through the eyes of others. Are you ready to explore and discover your true-self?

Step 3 - Create

Setting goals is the first step to TURNING THE INVISIBLE into the VISIBLE. The Creative session has been designed to help you explore and document your biggest dreams and goals, in a fun, engaging and memorable way! Are you ready to get creating?

Step 4 - Visualise

Create the highest grandest possible vision for your life, because YOU BECOME WHAT YOU BELIEVE. The visualise session will help give you clarity and maintain focus on your dream life goals. This session will help you dream it, believe it and see it every single day. Are you ready to get visualising?

Step 5 - Believe
YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT, if you are willing to GIVE UP the belief that you can’t have it. The Believe session is to help you create some positive affirmations, as to why you feel you Deserve success, why it is Important to you, to be confident when saying I Can do it and what is Exciting about it. This session is to work towards a positive mindset, you can have anything, but you have got to believe that.
Step 6 - Change
We cannot become WHAT WE WANT, by remaining where we are. Now that you have all your dreams and goals mapped out, it’s time now to implement change. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, it’s time to take that step.
Step 7 - Clarity
When you have CLARITY of intention, the universe conspires with you to make it happen, so it’s time to ensure you have exactly that. It’s time to IGNITE your PASSION, and start to CREATE and LIVE YOUR DREAM – what are you waiting for?
Life Changing Step - Take Action
You have on average just 29,200 days in this life, well done for choosing to LIVE THEM FOR YOU. Click the link below now to head to the CONTACT FORM, complete all the fields, tick the ‘I would like to book my 30 minute discovery call…’ box, push send, and you’ll be one massive step closer to CREATING AND LIVING A LIFE YOU LOVE!


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Clarity is Momentum that has No Resistance in it 

– Abraham Hicks