my story

Johanne Holman

From the outside looking in, I could see how my life would look pretty amazing, but from the inside looking out, there was something most definitely missing. Have you ever felt this way?

“I have found my happiness, and my ultimate goal is to help you find yours.”

I would describe myself as a morning person, yet I was waking daily lacking energy, and whilst I would go to work and do a fantastic job (I hope my employer would agree with that), I wasn’t feeling happiness, real deep-down rooted happiness, so I knew it was time to make a change.

Yes I was scared, of course I was scared, I was questioning in the way that I’m sure everybody does, What will I do? How will I afford it? Can I do it? What if…. And so the fearful questions go on.

Having loved every minute of every job I had, to many it didn’t make sense that I wasn’t happy, but I, as in Johanne, wasn’t happy, I felt I was literally giving everything I had to my work, leaving nothing for me and my beautiful family. 

Finally, after 7 years of procrastination, I made the bold move to leave the Corporate world and start my own businesses, and can honestly say I have never looked back.

Family, Freedom and Happiness are my why’s. Time with my family, Financial freedom and freedom of time and of course happiness needs no explanation.

My soul aim from Inspiring Ladies is to:

  • Inspire you to create a vision – Dream it
  • Inspire you to know you can achieve it – Believe it
  • Inspire you to take action – See it

Dream it. Believe it. See it.

I would love you to join me on this journey, one that I can honestly say feels good, right and happy. I have quality time with my Family, I have Freedom and I have found my happiness, and my ultimate goal is to help you find yours.


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Wherever you started, whatever cards you’ve been dealt along the way, your dreams are out there waiting…  

Dream it. Believe it. See it.